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KJC offers services within the parameters of three main departments: Marketing; Strategy and Management. Our strength relies on our consultant’s capacity to tailor services directly to our clients’ needs.

Marketing Services


Handling all social media accounts. KJC will create a report on a client’s social media traffic, detailing all digital KPI’s (no. of followers, clicks, traffic, responses etc) in the process before developing solutions such as regular branded posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram..

Social Media Management
Content Creation (Website Development)

Creating content for an audience that a company is targeting to sell their products to. Types of content creation include designing websites and article writing.


Helping a client create a visual identity through marketing their brand via different communication channels. Our consultants can work  with clients in creating visuals (logos, symbols, slogans) or advertising on local newspapers, online platforms, and digital interfaces.

Strategic Services


Market Research

Analysing a specific market and interpreting a client’s position within it. This involves creating a long form document measuring a company’s potential status in markets, both domestic and abroad, using economic metrics to measure performance.

Strategic Expertise

Recommendations on your internal organisation and positioning of your company in relation to its competitors

Business Expansion 

Advising clients on their plans to expand production into another market or country. This includes the use of financial models, graphs, excel forecasts as well as recommendations on the impact of the expansion itself on a client’s business model. 

Research and study of the behaviours, preferences, and motivations of targeted customers. It is a more focused, narrow part of market research and focuses exclusively on consumers instead of more general market conditions.

Ideal Consumer
Management Services


Market and Product

Helping companies who want to offer new products but are unsure as to how and whether their new product will increase their growth. Consultants can design an analysis detailing the impact of a company’s new products, how much growth it will likely produce and whether the product is worth developing at all.

Standard Operating 

Establishing a set of step-by-step instructions compiled to help workers carry out complex routine operations. It consists of simple text documents that articulate what processes workers need to execute. 

Analysis of a project's relevant factors including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations; designed to ascertain the likelihood of completing the project successfully. It includes consideration of costs, benefits, time constraints and finally an executive summary offering advice on how to avoid and solve potential obstacles/challenges.

Feasibility Studies
How we operate


Contact us via the form on our website and we will treat your request. 

Initial Contact
Project Proposition

We will provide you within 48h a free quotation to show you the detailed methodology and budget  for the project.


We are working to ensure you get the best possible results. We will regularly update you concerning the progress of the project

Delivery & Evaluation 

 The final product is delivered.  feedback from the client is sought in an effort to keep improving our services.

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