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Fintech and EU national Debt

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The fate of Europe’s financial future is at a crossroads. 

Roughly a decade after its first debt crisis, Europe is facing a new debt problem, fueled by Covid-19, relatively inefficient policy and the war in Ukraine. Whether newcomers in FinTech can bear this remains to be seen.

The Growing Relevance of PR and Marketing 

In the midst of a maze-like socioeconomic picture in the UK, this article will focus on the growing importance of public relations and marketing strategy for clients and potential consultants. Whether you are tracking McKinsey’s digital marketing efforts or Edelman’s magic in financial communications, this rising phenomenon is becoming undeniably relevant.  

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Breaking Into Finance: Big Tech Edition

This week you are getting one step closer to being tech-savvy. This article will focus on the potential and already growing insertion of tech giants into the banking and financial services world by evaluating whether it is a slow isolationist wave or a mutually modernizing venture.

Non-Corporate Corporate Venturing: The Rise of VCaaS

This week I am going to spice it up with VC innovation. Have you ever heard of Bain’s Venture Capital as a Service (VCaaS) platform? If you haven’t, stay tuned to understand why this model has gained the attention of some of the biggest names in the corporate, start-up and consulting ecosystems.

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The UK’s Digital Banking Horizon

Continuing last week’s traction of banking modernization, this article will inform you about the UK’s history and landscape of natively-digital challenger banks. You’ve probably heard of Starling Bank in passing but you most likely have not deeply reflected on why it is such an impressive prospect, particularly in the UK banking environment.

The Consulting of Banking-as-a-Service

In the last couple of years, every single Big Three and Big Four consulting firm has drafted a detailed report on Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS). Now I don’t expect you to understand what that means or why that is even especially relevant, but perhaps this article will shine a brief light on the undeniable traction of this steadily growing financial revolution.


Talk with Dr Oliver Runswick

King's Junior Consulting had the pleasure of hosting Dr Oliver Runswick, lecturer in performance psychology at King's College London. He shared with us his past experiences working with athletes and the creation of high performance systems.


The finance of chips and

Semiconductors and chips. You have seen the terms repeatedly on the news this year and would like to understand their effects on global markets and supply chains. This article will outline the importance of most industries' essential components at the origin of the currently observed supply-chain constraints, from gaming consoles to automobiles. 


Talk with Rita Kakati-Shah, Founder and CEO of Uma

King's Junior Consulting had the pleasure of hosting Ms Rita Kakati-Shah. She shared insights on her professional and personal experiences, entrepreneurship and ways to balance work and personal life.  

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